Upset after getting into a fight with his wife, 37-year-old Lam Luong did the unthinkable. He got in the car and drove his four
young children, ranging in ages from 4 months to 3 years, to the
Dauphin Island Bridge on the Alabama coastline. He then got out
and lined the children up alongside the railing. One by one, he tossed the youngsters over the 80-foot bridge into the icy waters
below, sometime on Monday morning.

Mr. Luong originally went with his wife, the 23-year-old mother
of the four kids, to report them missing on Monday evening. But
police soon became suspicious of Luong, who is the biological father to 3 out of the 4 kids. Police say he later confessed to the crime during questioning, and stated that he had thrown the children off the bridge in a fit of rage, after the couple had gotten into an argument. In a chilling statement to police, when asked why police say that Luong remarked he had killed the kids to get back at their mother.

Police and community volunteers began searching for the children near the mouth of Mobile Bay in Alabama. By the next weekend, they had recovered the bodies of the 3-year-old and the infant, who was found by a duck hunter about 5 miles west of the bridge in a marshy area.

The two others remained missing. Lam Luong was charged with
four counts of capital murder, and could face the death penalty if


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