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A 4-year-old playing with a lighter started a fire that destroyed his family’s home in Northglenn, Colorado. The boy was in a bedroom when he lit some clothing on fire. It spread quickly, but thankfully everyone escaped the blaze, including the child who started the fire.

It took twenty firefighters to battle the flames, which fully engulfed the main floor of the house. Wendy Forbes, spokes-woman for the North Metro Fire Rescue, said the damage was estimated at $167,000.00.

“At very young ages, children are curious about fire and do not
understand the dangers associated with it,” said Wendy. “In this
case, we were fortunate that the child and family escaped. Too often children this age die in the fires that they set because they are afraid they will get in trouble.” To make sure your child understands the danger, read them ‘Be Safe With Fire.’ available for free from the preceding link.


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