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It’s the middle of the night, do your know where your kids are? If you assume they’re still fast asleep in bed where you left them, this might be a bad assumption.

It certainly was for a couple in Sumter, South Carolina. Apparently, their 2-year-old got up after they went to bed and decided it was a good time to hit the town and check out the night life. The tot was seen driving down the street in the middle of the night behind the wheel of his battery-powered toy car. Police were able to follow the tiny tire-tracks back to the toddler’s house, where they alerted his stunned parents about their little night-rider’s activities.

This isn’t the first case we’ve seen of little kids taking midnight joy rides. (One eight year-old boy in Utah got the midnight munchies and decided to drive he and his 5-year-old sister to the store in the middle of the night … in the family’s van!) But at two years old, this is certainly the youngest one we’ve seen. I imagine the family is going to invest in a good set of locks after this.


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