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Many parents strive to be seen as the cool parent, the mom all the other teens see as someone they can talk to and relate with. But some parents take this concept a little too far.

In Ogden, Utah, a mother was recently charged with vandalism in an incident that occurred on August 20th. That was the night, police say, she drove around town with her daughter and some of her daughter’s friends egging cars and homes in the area. Investigators say the group threw eggs at as many as 20 home in the Ogden area.

I can’t help but think of a recent episode of the FX show Married, which depicted a mother doing this exact same thing to win over favor with her daughter and her friends. She does succeed in becoming the “cool” parent for a short time, but then decides it isn’t worth it. This story shows that things don’t always go so smoothly in real life.


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