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Need a psychologist? Dafne Almazan is a Mexican psychologist. What is unusual is that Dafne is only 13-years-old and a graduate from Mexico’s Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM). Don’t expect an appointment with her soon. She plans to get her master’s and a doctorate degree before she goes into practice.

Dafne graduated from middle school at the age of 7, and from high school when she was 9. She and her brother Andrew (20) and sister Delanie (17) are all gifted. According to a recent study, there are 1 million young geniuses in Mexico, but only 4% of them finish school with the ability to put their gifts to use.

One of the reasons this happens is because many geniuses are wrongly diagnosed as having mental disorders. They do not receive the attention they need in Mexico’s education system. They are bullied, depressed, bored, and unmotivated. That is one of the reasons that Dafne is planning to focus on bullying and how to prevent it.

When their father realized the trouble that his oldest son was having in school, he established CEDAT, an institution that provides classes for gifted children, where 250 students are enrolled.

Unfortunately Mexico’s federal government is not currently inclined to make any radical changes in it’s education system. The Mexican economy has been in trouble for years, and half the population lives in poverty. Perhaps some of the graduates from CEDAT will be able to change that in the future.


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