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In yet another example of the problem with using guns as a means of public self defense, an Israeli security guard shot and killed an innocent bystander by mistake during a recent terrorist attack inĀ  Jerusalem.

It started when a terrorist attacked and killed a security guard with a knife, then took the security guard’s rifle and began shooting, injuring ten others. The attacker was shot and killed during the incident.

Naturally the scene was chaotic. Incoming upon the carnage, another security guard spotted an African migrant who was kneeling on the floor trying to escape the gun fire. Mistaking him for the shooter, the guard shot the man. Other Israeli citizens then began yelling at the innocent man, confusing him for the attacker and kicking him, beating him, and stomping on his head. He later died at a local hospital.

This story is typical of what actually happens when people draw guns for protection. Rather than saving the day, this man doubled the body count of innocents killed, and about half a dozen or so other civilians helped participate in the murder themselves. (Israeli authorities vowed to identify and punish those who participated.) In the confusion and kayos of an actual shooting, things don’t’ go down like they do in the movies, and statistically, having a gun is more likely to add to the tragedy than save the say.

To watch a video, go to the link below. (Warning: the graphic material disturbing to some reader.)

  1. CNN New, 10-19-15


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