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Dog Pack Attack Joggers

In Cutler, Indiana, 4 pit-bulls attacked and mauled 2 young women last week as they walked along a country road and through a field.  One of the women was critically wounded. A passing motorist drove to the women and and the dogs scattered from the car, giving them a chance to get inside. All the dogs were either killed or euthanized.

Pit-bull Jumps Fence to Attack Boy

In Birmingham, Alabama, a 9-year-old boy was attacked by a pit-bull while playing in his back yard. The dog apparently jumped over a 6 foot fence in order to attack the lad. He was hospitalized for his injuries.

Attack on the Beach

In Fort Myers, Florida, a little girl and her dog were attacked by 3 pit bulls while walking along Fort Myers Beach. The family was trying to find the owner of the dogs to see if they were up-to-date on rabies vaccinations.


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